The world's first "virtual interactive Game Show".
Viewers at home can be part of the TV game and win prizes - without installing any special equipment ! No set-top box required! No registration required!

How to take part?
If your personal Identity Card Number (licence number, passport number - or a lucky number 'ticket' obtained from a sponsor) matches the lucky numbers generated from the last digit of the contestants' scores - you're a winner!

And because Everyone Wins generates a lucky number after every question - you have so many chances to win.

How does it Work?
  • The same number of contestants as digits in the Identity Card Number, Credit Card, Telephone Numbers, Sponsored Numbered Tickets, etc

  • 20 questions and 20 lucky numbers

  • A new lucky number generated after each question from the last digit of each contestant's score

  • Match your Identity Card Number or any numbered tickets, with the lucky generated numbers and you're the winner !

  • 4 rounds with more points to win, or lose, each round

  • The faster you buzz in, the more points you stand to win - but if you're wrong you also lose the same amount of points - so, play fast and risk a lot, or play slow and score less.

  • 4 chances to take another contestant's score by swapping points.

  • The host will offer one contestant a chance to swap their final score for a Mystery Prize in the Final Round -but if they take the cash, they will not qualify to take what was original due to them, even if they happen to be in the first two positions.

  • The winner adds 3 zeroes to score, the second placed contestant adds 2 zeroes and the third placed adds 1 zero, while the others will all take home their points in cash !

  • So, reach 1000 points, and win one million dollars !
And in the Studio?......
Contestants race against the clock and each other to earn 1000 points and win one million dollars.

The faster you answer, the more points you'll stand to win, but if you're wrong, the more you'll lose. If you're losing, don't let on in the 'Swap Rounds'. Think strategy and deception. You know your own score but the other contestants don't know your score other than the 'home viewers' who get to see all the studio contestants score. And, you may get the chance to swap your score for a better one - if you know who has it. To avoid being swapped you need to win the 'Immunity Round' (last Round)

And if you're winning, try to hang onto your score. The winning contestant will add 3 zeroes to their final score and take home that amount of cash, while the 2nd placed contestant will add 2 zeroes and the third placed will add one zero. The others will only win the value of their score in dollars.

Everyone Wins - the game show for winners!

Everyone Wins Renews Its Nightly Prime Time Slot On Shanghai TV Through 2004

HONG KONG (December 5th, 2003) - Robert Chua Productions has renewed its popular interactive television game show series Everyone Wins with Shanghai Media Group (SMG), it was announced today by Robert Chua.

Everyone Wins launched on Shanghai's Oriental TV prime time schedule on the 1st of January 2003, where the interactive game show immediately achieved a high audience share. Proving to be a significant winner for Shanghai TV, Everyone Wins became a key factor in its prime time growth, with the game show helping improve the network's competitive ranking from 8th to 3rd place. In addition to its renewal with Shanghai Media Group, Everyone Wins continues to generate impressive ratings in Singapore and Hong Kong where the game show airs on Channel 8 (MediaCorps) and TVB Jade Channel respectively.

"Since the premiere of Everyone Wins, the show has served as a magnet for viewers and helped propel our channel's prime time lineup", said Li Rui Gang, CEO of Shanghai Media Group. "We are excited to introduce a new season of the show and are confident 'Everyone Wins' will remain a successful program with viewers."

"Everyone Wins continues to gain popularity with audiences and draws increased amounts of viewers each week," said Chua, creator and developer of Everyone Wins. "We are delighted to renew Everyone Wins with Shanghai Media Group and continue our relationship with Li Rui Gang, a highly respected television executive who, I believe, represents the future of China's international television."

* * * * * * *


Last weekend's debut of TVB's Everyone Wins scored an astounding success. The interactive quiz game show premiered on Sunday night and took 83 per cent of the viewing audience.

Hong Kong is the third Asian city to adopt the show, after Shanghai and Singapore. Television producer and show founder Robert Chua Wah-peng (pictured with host Cheng Tan-shui) said: "I am delighted with the viewers' reaction. I am thrilled by the level of interest in the programme."

SCMP, 18th September 2003

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